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Community Engagement

By providing the space and expertise for our audience, this program aspires to engage with the Jerusalem community to integrate arts into their lives as a tool for creativity, self-­‐expression, and critical thinking. It includes varied programmes and activities that either come to complement the exhibitions’ program or are organized independently. This includes interpretive tours which bring youth and school students face-to-face with original artworks , encourage them to observe and discover the arts, improve visual literacy and critical-­‐thinking skills, unfold stories with multiple perspectives, and develop individual interpretations through open discussions, observations, reflections and sketching of their surroundings.

Art workshops is another main regular activity that offers space and coaching for innovation, pleasure, and self-­‐expression to groups of students, as well as women, children and youth. With guidance from specialized art instructors, participants are introduced to a variety of techniques and media such as painting, sculpture, photography, and installation. Al Hoash also works, in this regard, with schools at a grassroot level to establish long term partnerships to create a sustainable framework for art education.

We also seek to actively interact and engage our audiences in critical discussion and debate on art and culture through our Platform, our regular program of artists talks, panel discussions, lectures, seminars and workshops. We invite artists, lecturers, curators and academics for talks and discussions either physically at Al Hoash or virtually through digital platforms.