We curate research-­based visual art solo or collective exhibitions, guided by our focus on exploring  national and cultural identity through contemporary and historic Palestinian visual art practice. We offer our audiences engaging and intriguing visual experiences that trigger questions about the perception and role of cultural productions and aesthetics. We showcase exhibitions that are research-­driven, adopting interdisciplinary approaches, and exploring the historical value and artistic place of diverse artworks within Palestinian visual art production. Al Hoash brings into debate various topics that relate to our memory, history and identity. Exhibitions are usually accompanied by relevant film screenings, panel discussions, information tours and other parallel events. 

Current Exhibition

And we Still Follow its Path

01 December 2021

Jerusalem, has for long possessed the imaginary of artists and cultural producers around the world. Depicted as a religious symbol and an emblem for national and cultural identities, the city has repeatedly been positioned at the core of contradictory, constructed and many times manipulated narratives. In Palestinian art, Jerusalem, has been and continues to be a central topic for artists.

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