About Us

The Palestinian Art Court – Al Hoash is a Palestinian non-profit cultural arts organization established in 2004 and based in Jerusalem. Specialized in visual arts, Al Hoash – Arabic, for a traditional Palestinian house courtyard – has worked since 2004 to provide a space for Palestinian artists, scholars, and specialists to collect, present, and interpret the rich productions of Palestinian visual arts and their social history. Gifted with major archive assets – including Al Wasiti Archive and the Yvette and Mazen Qupty Collection, Al Hoash was originally envisaged as an art museum. Over the years it has evolved to focus on the safeguarding of its collection, developing its research resources and library, providing gallery space for over 100 exhibitions, and reaching out to the community through workshops, art auctions, and publications on Palestinian art.
We seek to fulfill our mission and objectives through a range of programmes and activities that are open for a wide and diverse audience. Al Hoash fosters a welcoming space for artists, curators, researchers and audiences to meet, cultivate and present their work, interact and discuss arts and culture. We provide a vibrant, inclusive and diverse cultural space making art and associated knowledge accessible to the Palestinian community. Our curatorial projects, art commissions and regular exhibitions seek to present historic and contemporary works of Palestinian artists, encourage, and facilitate new productions.