And we Still Follow its Path


Assem Attoun, Bisan Abu Eisheh, Ghadeer Dajani, Majd Masri, Moad Ghadeer, Mohammad Saleh, Mohammed Hawajri, Muhammad Shareef, Reem Masri, Saja Quttaineh, Shada Safadi, Sabreen Haj Ahmad, Yasmine Mansour


The Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation - COMCEC

Sponsored by

Bank of Palestine


Jerusalem, has for long possessed the imaginary of artists and cultural producers around the world. Depicted as a religious symbol and an emblem for national and cultural identities, the city has repeatedly been positioned at the core of contradictory, constructed and many times manipulated narratives. In Palestinian art, Jerusalem, has been and continues to be a central topic for artists.

And we still follow its path, is an exhibition that tackles personal and collective narratives around Jerusalem. It offers a platform for artists to explore, articulate and creatively communicate the varied nuances of the socio-political and cultural layers of the city, pushing the boundaries against stereotypical depictions, and attempting to reflect the city’s realities and aspirations, its ever-transforming identity, and to bring about its multi-layered stories of personal intimacies, nostalgic imaginaries and research driven investigations. 

The exhibition features 10 artworks that vary in themes and media. Some works challenge the urban boundaries of the city, or the colonial narratives offering an alternative local narrative. While other works unravel nostalgic and fantastic imaginaries of the city, recalled from childhood memories. The exhibition includes interactive participatory works that invite the audience to engage with the art work, such that they become an active contributor to the process of constructing the city’s narratives.